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Zaven by G.P.Grant is an elite-level luxury line of exclusive jewelry and accessories, furniture and interior artworks.

A unique and exclusive range of the finest handmade accessories.

Custom made and bespoke exceptional luxury products. G.P.Grant has formed a distinctive style and design.

GRED by G.P.Grant is a line of interior design products.

A wide range of furniture, furnishings and decor accessories, includes:

  • home & office accessories 

  • tables

  • lighting for home & office, hospitality industry

  • outdoor furniture

Exclusive high quality Petrostone panel allows creating different complicate architectural and designer concepts.
Technology allows creating inlaid collections from natural stone.

A unique technology of metal inlay into a natural stone has been developed. 

G.P.Grant Design creates product design, design of exclusive accessories, interior and home furnishings design especially for cigar rooms, yachts and jets interiors, private villas, hotels and resorts, business offices.

  • design of own product lines: Zaven, Gred, Petrostone

  • custom product design

Included brand:

cigars & accessories | pipes & tobacco | beverages | humidor | ashtrays & lighters gifts & gambling | accessories | jewellery & jewellery boxes furniture items | unique and exclusive sets