With no compromises...
            ... in quality, style, functionality and exclusiveness




Our mission is not only to create exclusive and attractive design and artworks, but also to give them functionality. The market is overloaded with items of mass production some of which are also named luxury. The mission of G.P.Grant is creation of excexceptional luxury exceptional luxury exceptional luxury epcional exclusive artworks with original design. Today, we create artworks that attract with their luxury, masterful embodiment and their functionality. G.P.Grant is devoted to its philosophy and focuses on quality, style, functionality and exclusiveness.


Today, at the age of progress, high technology and machines, we lose the art, which was created for centuries by masters from gifts of the earth. For true art connoisseurs and people seeking beauty it is not necessary to seek antiques. Art can also be created today. G.P.Grant embodies the art of today. Our products are made by and for connoisseurs and have the best quality and highest exclusivity within their category.




The history of G.P. Grant goes back to 2000 in Switzerland. The brand was established by Grant Petrosyan who has had the passion to art for a long time. His interest to old things and antiques, to its color and ornaments proves that original ideas may be always born. Grant has had a big interest to antiques from his childhood since his uncle Vardan was very famous antique collector. Vardan is an afficionado and connoisseur; he is the creator of the first ashtray, which has since become the iconic product. And its is him standing behind the concept and philosophy of the brand.


G.P.Grant began its history by production of the exclusive artworks for the interior made from very rare and elite gemstones, precious stones, minerals and crystals, fine and exotic wood, noble metals. At the same time, the company worked as a design studio (G.P.Grant Design and G.P.Grant Graphics) creating original industrial design, design of home furnishings and interiors, graphic design. The company performed extremely complicated and exclusive orders of hewing elite stone types, giving unique beauty to each product. Artworks, created with incredible imagination and soul are comparable to works of art.


Ten years was spent to create own design line Zaven by G.P.Grant. During this time, the brand concept was born and the collection was created, after the line of home and interior design items was released. All the products were made by hand.


G.P. Grant is a Swiss family house with Armenian roots. G.P.Grant Switzerland is family-owned manufacturer. Almost the hole family is involved in the company. Grant Petrosyan himself is the President and Creative Director of the Company. Old brother is responsible for production of stone line. Father deals with international relations. Wife is responsible for logistics. Cousins are chiefs.


The inspiration roots for formation of the business are hidden in two grandfathers Zaven and Grant, The first was collecting pens and other accessories and liked making things himself. The second had collection of cigars and lighters. Armenian roots are traditions for stone masters and in general admiration of stone and handcraft.


Today G.P.Grant is:

G.P.Grant Design creates industrial design, design of exclusive accessories, interior and home furnishings design especially for cigar rooms, yachts and jets interiors, private villas, hotels and resorts, business offices.

Petrostone by G.P.Grant allows creating different complicate architectural and designer concepts. These are stone parquet, stone seamless tile, and patterns. Technology allows creating inlaid collections from natural stone. A unique technology of metal inlay into a natural stone has been developed. 

Zaven by G.P.Grant  is an elite-level luxury line of exclusive jewelry and accessories, interior artworks. A unique and exclusive range of the finest handmade accessories. Custom made and bespoke exceptional luxury products. G.P.Grant has formed a distinctive style and design. The creation of collections is inspired by works of art and architecture. Our task is to combine art heritage with modern design and create not just a fashion item, but an artwork that will not become less attractive over time.

GRED by G.P.Grant is a line of interior design products. A wide range of furniture, furnishings and decor accessories, includes:

  • home & office accessories 

  • tables

  • lighting for home & office, hospitality industry

  • outdoor furniture