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Stone: Emperador Dark marble / Emperador Light marble

Edition: Special


Immerse yourself in the luxurious allure of our chess table, meticulously crafted from the exquisite natural Italian marbles, EMPERADOR DARK and EMPERADOR LIGHT. This masterpiece is not just a gaming platform but a visual symphony, showcasing a unique design that stands as a testament to a complex technical achievement.


The chessboard surface, meticulously crafted from marble, crystal and brass.

The table's base is crafted from marble, crystal, and brass.


The metallic elements, meticulously fashioned from brass and adorned with a resplendent gold finish, add an extra layer of sophistication to this extraordinary chess table. Each detail reflects the dedication to craftsmanship, creating not just a gaming piece but a statement of opulence and timeless elegance. Elevate your chess-playing experience with this harmonious blend of artistry and functionality.



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20.000,00 €Precio
120 days

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