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Silver white gold finish

Gemstones: snowflakes obsidian

Collection: George Vintage-X

Edition: Special


Cufflinks George Vintage-X epitomize luxury with their sophisticated design. Crafted from gold-plated silver, these oval cufflinks showcase the captivating allure of snowflakes obsidian (volcanic glass) gemstones. Elevate your ensemble with Cufflinks George Vintage-X – a symbol of refined elegance and the perfect accessory for those who appreciate the timeless charm of luxury silver cufflinks adorned with the unique beauty of volcanic glass.


Obsidian: Volcanic Glass. Origin: Armenia

Obsidian, with its origin in Armenia, is a naturally occurring volcanic glass. It is created when felsic lava expelled from a volcano cools rapidly, preventing the formation of crystals. Obsidian has been recognized and used since prehistoric times, making it one of the earliest known materials employed by humans for tools, weapons, and artistic creations. Its unique properties and sharp edges when fractured have made it a valuable and versatile material throughout history.


SKU : CL0704SO
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