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Stone: Emperador Light marble / Emperador Dark marble

Edition: Special 


Indulge in the opulence of our chess table, an epitome of elegance crafted from two varieties of natural Italian marble, EMPERADOR DARK and EMPERADOR LIGHT. Beyond being a mere gaming surface, this masterpiece represents a sophisticated technical achievement, boasting a unique and intricate design.


The chessboard surface, meticulously crafted from marble, crystal and brass.


The metallic components, meticulously shaped from brass and adorned with a lavish gold finish, enhance the grandeur of this exceptional chess table. Each element speaks volumes about the commitment to craftsmanship, transforming it into more than just a gaming accessory—an emblem of luxury and timeless style. Immerse yourself in a chess-playing experience that seamlessly fuses artistry and functionality.


The table's base is crafted from marble, crystal, and brass.


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€ 20.000,00Prezzo
120 days

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