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Material: Crystal  

Type 1: Height: 24.5, Diameter: 9T

ype 2: Height: 23.5, Diameter: 9

Collection: Vortice

Type: Spinning glasses / rotating glasses

Handcrafted in Italy


Introducing the Deluxe Crystal Wine Tasting Set Vortice Gold, featuring 2 crystal wine glasses with rotating bowls. Elevate your wine tasting experience with this exquisite set, meticulously crafted to enhance the flavors and aromas of your favorite wines. Each glass is meticulously designed with a rotating bowl, allowing you to aerate your wine effortlessly and fully appreciate its complexity, making this set a must-have for wine connoisseurs and enthusiasts alike. Experience the ultimate in wine tasting with the Deluxe Wine Tasting Set.


“Vortice” is an innovative tasting glass: that twist of the wrist when the wine is poured into the glass, to delicately swirl the liquid in order to analyze it, is updated by this mechanism, patente. A small pin “camouflaged” by the crystal, or else highlighted in golden metal, runs from the top of the stem to the base of the cup, so that with a delicate motion of the thumb it is made to rotate gently, swirling the wine in the glass.The swirling motion makes for a more accurate evaluation of the visual aspects, the olfactory notes and the components of the taste of the wine.“Vortice” lets you decant the wine naturally, while conversing with your fellow diners, without the slightest embarrassment or feeling of awkwardness.


SKU : 3276GSE
300,00 €Prix

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