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Shape: Straight smoking pipe

Colour: Light brown
Jewellery ring: Gold plated
Filter: 9 mm
Style: Eduard
Collection: Z-Cube U
Edition:  Special

Handmade in Italy


Original Edition Pipes Brochure


EDUARD "Z-CUBE U" COLLECTION, ORIGINAL EDITION – These handcrafted pipes highlight an authentic Z-Cube jewellery pipe with a distinct U-shaped bowl. The finesse of these finely crafted smoking pipes is accentuated by a distinctive square jewelry ring adorned with delicately engraved miniature cubes. Each ring on these artisan pipes boasts a durable coating of premium noble materials such as rhodium, gold, or platinum, imparting a touch of elegance to your smoking experience. The fusion of the square mouthpiece and ribbed U-bowl gives these exclusive pipes a bold and unmistakable muscular profile.


We've achieved our goal of creating exceptional exquisite pipes, and we're confident you'll appreciate the outstanding features embodied in your new collectible pipes.


More information about G.P.Grant handcrafted pipes


More details about the materials used in G.P.Grant high-end pipes


G.P.Grant (Switzerland) produces exclusive limited series of luxury high-end and jewellery products including luxury pipes and exclusive pipes.

Mastro de Paja (Italy) is the absolute world leader and expert in the production of top level unique artisan pipes and one-of-a-kind pipes.
G.P.Grant & Mastro de Paja. With the purpose of ensuring unparalleled quality in the creation of exclusive limited premium pipes with unique design and exquisite style, the G.P.Grant closely cooperates with Mastro de Paja using proprietary technology. These collections are highlighted by stamp Handmade by G.P.Grant and Mastro de Paja.

These high-end and jewellery products are classified in the highest luxury segment.


700,00 € Prix original
€525.00Prix promotionnel

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