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Love Under the Shelter of Tobacco Leaf



This UNIQUE HANDMADE BRONZE HUMIDOR SET  is a real pearl in the G.P.Grant collection, unique, single author’s creation that will never be repeated. This is real creation of art, with bronze sculpture that amazes by its rare beauty and elegance.


The unique idea of the project, its sketch and execution is fully implemented by the author, a talented modern European painter and sculptor whose works are represented in many private collections and museums. Captured by enthusiasm of the G.P.Grant Company, the author being the admirer of good tobacco and cigars conceived and implemented that unique idea.


The central idea of the composition adorning the lid of the humidor is a symbolic silhouette of men and women, merged into the arms under cover of tobacco leaf. The refined style of the sculpture and the ambiguity of the im- ages allow everyone to think through what the author wanted to say. These are unique moments, fine memories and love of life. Fine work distracts us from routine worries, helps to relax and think about something personal covering ourselves in smoke and aroma of excellent cigar.


A unique author's ashtray is in the set with each cigar humidor. The wood cigar ashtray is handmade and finished in bronze, which is inserted into the wood base.




Artikelnummer: HUNE-BR
15.000,00 €Preis

Bitte beachten Sie, dass alle lokalen Steuern, Zollgebühren oder sonstigen Gebühren, die bei der Lieferung Ihrer Bestellung in ein anderes Land anfallen, vollständig Ihre Verantwortung sind.

Wir haften nicht für die Zahlung dieser Gebühren und können ihre genauen Beträge nicht vorhersagen.

Bitte machen Sie sich mit den lokalen Steuer- und Zollvorschriften vertraut, bevor Sie eine Bestellung aufgeben.

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