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For art enthusiasts and seekers of beauty, the quest for antiques isn't always necessary. G.P.Grant specializes in crafting exquisite and intricate items and accessories from natural stone, introducing you to extraordinary craftsmanship: luxury accessories made from rare gemstones, marble, and minerals. These include authentic high-end ashtrays, table lighters, gifts, and interior artworks.
What sets our authentic iconic stone ashtrays and lighters apart is their composition of multiple pieces (ranging from 100 to 1000!) of stone, crystal, and precious metals. The combination of these noble yet distinct elements results in products with incredible design. These luxury ashtrays and lighters are sure to captivate your attention.
The meticulous craftsmanship involved in the filigree processing of each unique ashtray and table lighter, including detailing, assembly, and final fitting, can take not just many hours, but up to several days. Upon witnessing one of these products, it becomes evident why each item is numbered and limited in edition.
All G.P.Grant handmade ashtrays and desk lighters are limited editions, embodying the exclusivity and rarity of collectible best ashtrays and lighters.

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