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Creating Unique Products.
Custom Product & Industrial Design. 
Design of the Accessories, Furnishing, Furniture & Lighting.

Since 2000, Grant Petrosyan and G.P.Grant Design (Switzerland) have been engaged in the creation of original industrial design, the development of home furnishings and interiors, as well as luxury goods. The main focus is on product and industrial design in the following areas:

  • Accessories

  • Furnishings and interiors items

  • Lighting

  • Jewelry

  • Furniture


Numerous collections are crafted using natural stone, precious and elite gemstones, minerals and crystals, fine and exotic wood, and noble metals.

Grant Petrosyan is the founder of G.P.Grant Group & G.P.Grant Design and the creator of the lines:


In addition to leading the aforementioned lines, Grant Petrosyan creates custom-made luxury collections either personally or under G.P.Grant Design.



Product Design Creation.

Full-Circle Product Development Process. Design-for-Manufacture.

G.P.Grant Design specializes in comprehensive industrial design and custom product design creation. Our full-circle product development process emphasizes design for manufacture, ensuring seamless integration from concept to production readiness. We are known for crafting products and collections that embody a unique style, distinct recognizability, and a special DNA.

Our expertise spans the development of a wide range of products, where we carefully guide the transition from idea to technical specifications. This process is meticulously organized to guarantee that the design is optimized for efficient production. The conceptual design phase involves the task of translating the functional characteristics of a product into technical details, resulting in the creation of a product that not only meets but exceeds desirability standards.

The focus of G.P.Grant Design encompasses industrial design, exclusive accessories, and interior and home furnishings design tailored for various spaces, including cigar rooms, yacht and jet interiors, private villas, hotels and resorts, as well as executive business offices.

Designing Products and Collections

At G.P.Grant Design, we specialize in the meticulous process of designing products and creating collections that stand out for their unique style, recognizability, and distinctive DNA. Our approach encompasses the entire spectrum of product development, ensuring that each creation embodies a character that is truly exceptional.

Creation of Unique Style, Recognizability, and DNA

Our design philosophy revolves around infusing each product with a unique style that sets it apart in the market. We prioritize the development of a distinct identity, making our creations easily recognizable and memorable. The DNA of our products reflects a careful blend of innovation, craftsmanship, and a deep understanding of user preferences.

Product Range Development

meticulously curate collections that span a diverse array of categories, ensuring that each product complements and enhances the overall offering. From conceptualization to realization, our commitment to excellence drives the development of product ranges that cater to a broad spectrum of tastes and preferences.

In essence, G.P.Grant Design is dedicated to shaping products and collections that go beyond functionality—they are a testament to artistic expression, attention to detail, and a commitment to delivering unparalleled design experiences.

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