G.P.Grant Switzerland is family-owned manufacturer. Almost the hole family is involved in the company. Its independence enables it to go its own way. We decide our future and whatever we want to create today and tomorrow by ourselves.

Our independence gives us pure creative freedom to create and make us and our clients happy which is in line with our philosophy and traditional values.




It is the story of a unique heritage, a combination of passion, creativity, experience. It is the perfect combination and harmony between traditions and most advanced technology. It is a bridge between the past and the future.

This is why we use the masters for creation of every single element, who were transferring the handcraft art thought centauries.

After buying the creations of G.P.Grant you share our philosophy and get its spirit, heritage and history. And these creations will be transferred from one generation to another: from father to son.


Experts in the field of hewing stones, metals and wood strictly supervise the quality of making of each product. Usage of valuable and rare types of gemstones, minerals, crystals, fine and exotic wood, and noble metals gives the products natural quality and durability. In addition to the usage of most expensive and high quality materials, every product is exclusive and handmade which allows masters to maintain the quality of each item on each step of its creation.


We accommodate all the technical progress and future developments that serve to advance functionality, long-term reliability and precision.




Product design is copyrighted and created within the company by its founder and creative director Grant Petrosyan and the special divisions G.P.Grant Design and G.P.Grant Graphics. The main goal is to create an extraordinary authentic style and recognizable design.

As exceptional creations they outlive passing fashions without ever losing their appeal and modernity. G.P.Grant has established its own understated, timeless style. Our creations are inspired by works of art and architecture. Our task is to combine art heritage with modern design and create not just a fashion item, but an artwork that will not become less attractive over time.


Ask the owner of a G.P.Grant and he proud with passions will tell you about it.

Offering G.P.Grant creations as a gift is the most eloquent expression of your taste and values.




The purpose of the item – its functionality – plays a crucial role. Therefore, our main priority is to combine visual beauty of artworks with their functionality.




Exclusivity of artworks is achieved by unique design, handmade and use of precious materials.
All artworks from gemstone and exotic woods are limited edition, as volumes of high quality high-end of them are very limited and differ from each other in color. In nature, beautiful and elite stones types and exotic woods are very rare, therefore many artworks are made only by special order, which gives the customer an opportunity to choose the stone or wood type.

The use of natural stone and wood in the interior is a thin thread that will connect man with nature. The stone and the wood allow the creation of a beautiful and pleasant environment. G.P.Grant offers its customers the best materials for interiors from stone and wood delivered from all over the world. A work of art cannot be a mass product; handwork cannot have the performance of a machine. G.P.Grant's philosophy is the creation of unique works of art. Design and company professionals subtly combine materials to create products with combinations of stone, wood, metals and crystals.

The rigorous standards applied to every step of the development process from design to end product and in the long months of crafting and finishing make each G.P.Grant creation a precious and unique.

Many of the models achieve cult status of iconic product and have the solid reputation amongst connoisseurs and collectors. As the product of an phenomenal amount of work and know-how, G.P.Grant creations have a high price and will fully retain or even increase its value over the years. It is an investment for the present and the future.