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With no compromises...                                                                                                                                                                                            ... in quality, style, functionality and exclusiveness


Our mission extends beyond the creation of exclusive and visually appealing designs; we prioritize functionality as well. In a market saturated with mass-produced items, some of which are inaccurately labeled as luxury, G.P.Grant is dedicated to crafting exceptionally luxurious artworks with original designs. Today, we create pieces that captivate with their luxury, masterful craftsmanship, and practicality. G.P.Grant remains true to its philosophy and emphasizes quality, style, functionality, and exclusivity.

In this age of progress, high technology, and machinery, traditional artistry, honed over centuries by skilled artisans using gifts from the Earth, is at risk of being lost. For true art connoisseurs and those seeking beauty, there is no need to look solely to antiques. Art can be created today, and G.P.Grant epitomizes contemporary artistry. Our products are created by and for connoisseurs, delivering the finest quality and the highest level of exclusivity within their respective categories.


The history of G.P. Grant traces back to 2000 in Switzerland, founded by Grant Petrosyan, a passionate individual with a deep appreciation for art. His fascination with antiques, their colors, and intricate ornaments illustrates the genesis of original ideas. Grant's early interest in antiques, fueled by his uncle Vardan's prominent antique collection, played a pivotal role in shaping the brand. Vardan, an enthusiast and connoisseur, is the mastermind behind the iconic ashtray and is the visionary responsible for the brand's concept and philosophy.

G.P. Grant's journey commenced with the creation of exclusive interior artworks made from rare and elite gemstones, precious stones, minerals, crystals, fine and exotic wood, and noble metals. Simultaneously, the company operated as a design studio, known as G.P. Grant Design, specializing in original industrial design, home furnishings and interior design, and graphic design. The company undertook exceedingly intricate and exclusive orders involving the carving of elite stone types, infusing each product with unique beauty. These artworks, conceived with boundless imagination and heart, are akin to masterpieces.


A decade of dedication culminated in the development of the Zaven by G.P. Grant design line. Over this period, the brand's concept took shape, and the collection came to life, following a series of home and interior design product releases. Each product was meticulously handcrafted.


G.P. Grant is a Swiss family establishment with deep Armenian roots. G.P. Grant Switzerland is a family-owned manufacturer, with almost the entire family contributing to the company. Grant Petrosyan, the President and Creative Director, leads the way. His older brother is responsible for the production of the stone line, his father manages international relations, and his wife oversees logistics.

The family's inspiration stems from their two grandfathers, Zaven and Grant. The former was a collector of pens and other accessories, with a penchant for crafting items himself. The latter had a collection of cigars and lighters. The family's Armenian heritage instilled a tradition of stone mastery and an enduring appreciation for stone and craftsmanship.


Today G.P.Grant Group is:

Zaven by G.P. Grant introduces an elite-level luxury line of exclusive jewelry, accessories, and interior artworks. It offers unique and exclusive handmade accessories, custom-made and bespoke exceptional luxury products. G.P.Grant has cultivated a distinct style and design, blending artistic heritage with modern aesthetics to create timeless works of art.


G.P.Grant Design focuses on industrial design, exclusive accessories, and interior and home furnishings design, particularly tailored for cigar rooms, yacht and jet interiors, private villas, hotels and resorts, and business offices.

duramica logo

Duramica offers innovative solutions for architectural and designer concepts, including stone parquet, stone finish seamless tiles, and unique patterns. The technology enables the creation of inlaid collections from natural stone, pioneering the technique of metal inlay into natural stone.

gred logo

GRED by G.P.Grant is a distinguished line of interior design products encompassing a diverse array of furniture, furnishings, and decor accessories. This comprehensive range offers a wealth of options to elevate interior spaces, making them more aesthetically pleasing and functional. Some of the items included in this line are:

  • Home & Office Accessories: A selection of accessories designed to enhance the decor and functionality of both home and office environments. These may include decorative items, organizers, and other pieces that combine practicality with style.

  • Tables: GRED by G.P.Grant offers a variety of tables designed for different purposes and settings. These tables can serve as centerpieces, side tables, dining tables, or functional workstations, each featuring unique design elements.

  • Lighting for Home & Office: The line includes an array of lighting solutions for both home and office spaces. These lighting fixtures are not only functional but also designed to add an aesthetic dimension to the interiors.

GRED by G.P.Grant is dedicated to enhancing interior design by offering a versatile and stylish range of products, each contributing to the overall ambiance of a space.

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