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  • Why do so many items have a long time delivery time
    All G.P.GRANT products are handmade. Many products consist of tens and hundreds of parts. It takes many hours of work to create one product. Since the number of our skilled craftsmen is limited, we are unable to produce products fast.
  • How to get the wholesale prices for G.P.Grant cigars?
    If you are engaged in wholesale trade and are interested in purchasing G.P.Grant cigars, please contact us via email, and we will provide you with wholesale prices. Cigars are supplied in boxes of 12 pieces or in bundles of 20 pieces.
  • Why are cigars not sold in your online shop?
    When buying cigars from an online shop, many customers face problems with shipping to their countries. Each country has its own laws and regulations in importing cigars, making it difficult to ship cigars worldwide. For this reason we do not sell cigars online - only through regional distributors.
  • What is the differences between machine-made, half-machine-made, and handmade smoking pipes
    The key difference lies in the method of production. Each method has its own characteristics. Here they are
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