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Furniture Made from Terracotta and FiberCement Panels

Perfect Fusion: Combining FiberCement and Terracotta Panels in Interior Design and Crafting Furniture, Lighting, and Accessories. A High-tech Blend of Strength and Aesthetics.

GRED by G.P.Grant is a unique project that ensures one hundred percent eco-friendliness and naturalness. Interior items are crafted from industrial fibercement and ceramic terracotta, materials known for their industrial strength and commonly used in the construction of robust exteriors.

This project represents an unparalleled case of utilizing industrial materials in the creation of everyday interior items. 

The incorporation of one hundred percent ecological and natural elements enhances the aesthetics while industrial durability ensures long-lasting quality. GRED stands as a distinctive blend of beauty, reliability, and environmental consciousness in interior design.

In the realm of modern construction and interior design, robust fibercement panels, created through a unique dual-pressing technology, have become indispensable. These panels not only boast outstanding technical characteristics but also offer a variety of textures and color variations, providing designers and architects with a vast creative canvas. A notable representative of this material family is terracotta panels, widely acclaimed in the construction industry. Their high strength, rooted in the use of white clay, ensures resilience against the test of time and external factors.

Innovative Design Solutions

However, these materials go beyond their role as construction elements. G.P.Grant seamlessly integrates fibercement and terracotta panels into the realm of interior design under the brand GRED. Tables, lamps, torchieres, and accessories crafted from these innovative materials represent unique design solutions unparalleled in the world.

Technological Complexity and Creative Potential

The production technology of fibercement and terracotta panels involves a highly advanced process that demands not only modern equipment but also unique skills from specialists. This not only ensures outstanding technical characteristics but also unlocks limitless creative potential for designers.

Integration into Interior Design: Perfection in Every Detail

  • Variety of Styles and Designs: Fibercement and terracotta panels harmonize seamlessly with various interior styles. Thanks to unique textures and color variations, they become a key element in crafting stylish and individual spaces.  You can see the variety of colors here

  • Combination with Furniture: Pairing these panels with furniture made from the same material creates a unique visual experience. The natural decors of these panels complement various furniture elements, adding natural beauty to the interior.

  • Lighting for Atmosphere: The play of light on the surface of fiber cement and terracotta panels creates unique effects and a cozy atmosphere. Integrated lighting becomes an integral part of modern interior design.

  • Accessories and Details: Besides serving the function of wall and surface finishes, fiber cement and terracotta panels become the foundation for creating stylish accessories. Tables, lamps, and other interior items complement the overall look of the space.

  • Personalized Design: A significant advantage of these materials is the ability to create unique interiors. The variety of decors allows for expressing individuality, and the combination with other materials adds originality.


Ecological Cleanliness and Durability

Both types of panels not only ensure beauty and functionality but are also environmentally friendly materials. This is essential for those who value durability and care for themselves and the environment.

Advantages for Architects, Designers, and Private Clients

For architects and designers, these materials offer a unique opportunity to create interiors where fiber cement and terracotta panels seamlessly blend with furniture and fixtures, also made from the same materials. This opens new horizons for creativity, enabling the creation of cohesive and stylish spaces.

For private clients, choosing products made from fiber cement and terracotta provides the opportunity to own unique, authentic designer items. These pieces stand out not only for their original design but also for their durability and environmental friendliness, essential criteria for those who appreciate high quality and environmental care.

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