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Gemstone: Green Marble

Glass: Crystal

Metal: Brass

Size: 205х205х46 mm

Type: Quartet

Edition: Special 


Volcano Glass lighters are available in this collection


You can request this elite ashtray in the Exclusive Edition variant with precious stones and metals


The QUARTET 152 unique ashtrays are truly a work of art and craftsmanship, representing a pinnacle of luxury in the world of smoking accessories. Handmade with precision and care, this luxury ashtray is not just a functional item but a statement piece that exudes opulence.


The substantial weight of approximately 7 kg adds to the sense of quality and durability, signifying the use of premium materials in its construction. The meticulous arrangement of 152 pieces reflects a dedication to detail and design, showcasing a harmonious blend of gemstones, crystals, and metal.


The composition of 33 gemstone cubes interspersed with 48 crystals, 32 metal wedges, and 4 removable beddings for cigars or cigarettes demonstrates a thoughtful integration of various elements. The use of strong magnets to hold the beddings together adds a touch of practicality to the luxurious design.


The inclusion of 4 corner sandwiches, intricately made of 9 elements each, further elevates the complexity and visual appeal of the ashtray. The fact that each of the 152 elements required almost the same amount of hours to create underscores the dedication to precision and craftsmanship.


The QUARTET 152 is not merely a receptacle for ashes; it is a functional piece of art that enhances the smoking experience. Its lavish design and attention to detail make it an ideal addition to the discerning smoker's collection, providing a luxurious and visually stunning backdrop for the enjoyment of cigars and cigarettes. This ashtray is more than just an accessory; it is a testament to the fusion of artistry and functionality, catering to those who appreciate the finer things in life.


One of the main directions of G.P.Grant is the production of designer items made of gemstones. The flagship line of stone jewellery ashtrays is absolutely authentic in design and unique in its functionality for cigars and cigarettes. These high-end ashtrays have no analogs in the world and are truly exclusive ashtrays. Many of these collectible ashtrays are sold at global auctions. These handmade ashtrays are strongly limited edition because they consist of tens and hundreds of parts. It takes many hours of work to create one product. These expensive ashtrays fully correspond to the materials used and the manual labor of high-quality specialists. This is truly the best cigar ashtray in the world.



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