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Triple jet-torch flame

Gemstone: Red jasper

Glass: Crystal

Metal: Brass

Collection: Four Seasons

Edition:  Special 


Red Jasper ashtrays are available in this collection


G.P.GRANT offers luxury table lighters to complement its high-end ashtrays, crafted from the same gemstone and the same style for a harmonious ensemble.


SPECIAL HIGH-END TABLE LIGHTERS RED JASPER. Showcasing a triple jet-torch flame for an unparalleled smoking experience. The gemstone featured is red jasper, accompanied by crystal glass and a brass metal. This exquisite desk lighter is part of a Special Edition and is designed to perfectly complement the ashtrays within the same collection. Together, they form a harmonious and refined set of smoking accessories. This carefully curated ensemble of premium lighter and cigar humidor not only adds to the visual allure but also enhances the overall smoking ritual, offering a premium experience for connoisseurs who value luxury and meticulous craftsmanship.


Red Jasper

Jasper's unique artistry is a testament to the creativity of nature, resembling the stunning red rock canyons. Each jasper stone is a natural masterpiece crafted by the Creator. Red jasper, specifically, exhibits hues ranging from red to terracotta brown and is associated with qualities of physical strength and energy. It is admired not only for its aesthetic appeal but also for its perceived metaphysical properties, making it a favored gemstone in various applications.


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