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Gemstone: Volcanic Glass

Glass: Crystal

Metal: Brass

Type: Solo

Collection: Volcano

Edition: Special 


Volcano Glass lighters are available in this collection


You can request this elite ashtrays in the Exclusive Edition variant with precious stones and metals


Discover the epitome of luxury with SOLO 191, an exquisite natural stone deluxe ashtray handcrafted from 191 details for the connoisseur. This high-end accessory isn't just an unique ashtray; it's a statement piece that embodies sophistication and craftsmanship. Designed to cater to both cigar and cigarette aficionados, SOLO 191 features a unique bedding tailored for a single cigar and two additional beddings for cigarettes, ensuring that your smoking experience is as elegant as it is comfortable. 


The stone elite  ashtrays in this collection elevate every smoking experience with a perfect blend of elegance and functionality. The elongated brass cigar holder is detachable from the luxury ashtray, providing the flexibility to use them independently. The cigar holder comes with robust magnets, ensuring effortless placement and retrieval within its designated slot. Additionally, the ash bowl can be effortlessly removed for convenient cleaning, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable smoking session.


This is a combination of three materials: Volcanic Glass, crystal, and brass. The collection includes a lighter and various types of premium ashtrays, all featuring the exquisite blend of these materials. Each piece in this collection not only showcases meticulous craftsmanship but also represents a harmonious fusion of luxury and sophistication. The use of Black Armenian Obsidian, crystal, and brass creates a visually stunning and high-end smoking accessory ensemble.


Obsidian: Volcanic Glass. Origin: Armenia

Obsidian, with its origin in Armenia, is a naturally occurring volcanic glass. It is created when felsic lava expelled from a volcano cools rapidly, preventing the formation of crystals. Obsidian has been recognized and used since prehistoric times, making it one of the earliest known materials employed by humans for tools, weapons, and artistic creations. Its unique properties and sharp edges when fractured have made it a valuable and versatile material throughout history.


One of the main directions of G.P.Grant is the production of designer items made of gemstones. The flagship line of stone jewellery ashtrays is absolutely authentic in design and unique in its functionality for cigars and cigarettes. These high-end ashtrays have no analogs in the world and are truly exclusive ashtrays. Many of these collectible ashtrays are sold at global auctions. These handmade ashtrays are strongly limited edition because they consist of tens and hundreds of parts. It takes many hours of work to create one product. These expensive ashtrays fully correspond to the materials used and the manual labor of high-quality specialists. This is truly the best cigar ashtray in the world.


€ 3.900,00Prezzo

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