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G.P.Grant: The Art of Luxury in the World of Smoking Accessories - Luxury Humidor, Ashtray & Lighter

Updated: Feb 15

G.P.Grant luxury smoking accessories
G.P.Grant luxury smoking accessories

In the realm of luxury, there are numerous brands that create unique and exquisite accessories, but few can compare to the allure of Zaven by G.P.Grant. This brand has managed to combine not only craftsmanship and creativity in crafting smoking accessories but also a passion for luxury and unwavering dedication to its audience.

Mastery Unveiled

Behind G.P.Grant stands Grant Petrosyan, a talented designer and entrepreneur whose passion for creating unique smoking accessories led to the establishment of this brand. Grant Petrosyan is not just the owner; he is the heart and soul of G.P.Grant.

Grant and his team's craftsmanship shines through in every product they produce. Their handiwork, attention to detail, and choice of high-quality materials transform each accessory into a work of art. From elegant pipes to luxurious humidors and ashtrays, each item reflects a level of mastery and a pursuit of perfection.

Innovation and Luxury

G.P.Grant doesn't rest on its laurels. This brand is also known for its innovative solutions that blend traditional craftsmanship with modern technology. Whether it's humidors that keep your cigars in ideal conditions or ashtrays with unique designs and functionality, these are all part of the G.P.Grant repertoire.

A Quest for Pleasur

The Grant Petrosyan and Zaven by G.P.Grant brand aims to ensure that every smoker not only savors the flavor of their cigars and pipes but also enjoys the act of smoking. Their accessories create a unique sense of luxury and satisfaction, making every smoking moment a genuine pleasure.


Grant Petrosyan and his Zaven by G.P.Grant brand represent a story of a passion for luxury and smoking, of exceptional craftsmanship, and an unwavering pursuit of perfection. Their accessories don't just adorn smoking moments; they transform them into true rituals of luxury.

G.P.Grant luxury smoking accessories

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