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Metal: Yellow gold finish

Stone Inlay: Jade, Mother of pearl

Covering: Rosewood

Size: 300x245x112 mm

Collection: George

Edition: Special Editionl 


MAHJONG. SPECIAL EDITION. The cover of the mahjong box is adorned with a combination of gemstones, either Malachite or Jade, complemented by mother of pearl to symbolize Yin and Yang. This substantial metal Seal, featuring a Z lock and adorned with letters, is skillfully created by jewelers using filigree gold-plating.


Mother of Pearl. Origin: Japan, Persian Gulf. Mother of Pearl is the nacreous inner shell coating of pearl-producing mollusks. Mother of pearl has been used for thousands of years; it was used by the ancient Egyptians and Sumerians. One of the best Mother of Pearl comes from Japan and Persian Gulf.

Jade: Jadeite and Nephrite. Origin: Myanmar, China.
Jade is a unique symbolic gemstone. Yet as early as 3000 B.C. jade was known in China as 'yu', the 'royal gem'. Jadeite and nephrite are the only pure
forms of jade. Myanmar (Burma) - is the only source of imperial jadeite.


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