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Metal: White gold finish

Covering: Sycamore blue

Size: 300x245x112 mm

Collection: Four Seasons

Edition: Original 


PREMIUMPOKER BOX. ORIGINAL EDITION. The meticulously detailed Seal, a prominent metal motif gracing the lid of the luxury poker box, is exclusively handcrafted by the company's top craftsmen. A substantial metal Seal, showcasing an intricately designed Z-shaped lock, is meticulously created by skilled jewelers using the filigree gold coating technique. This line presents multiple variations, each showcasing premium woods like sycamore, walnut burl, bubinga, ebony, and others.


Sycamore. Origin: North America. Similar to maple, the wood of Sycamore trees is predominantly comprised of the sapwood, with some darker heartwood streaks also found in most boards. The sapwood is white to light tan, while the heartwood is a darker reddish brown. Sycamore also has very distinct ray flecks present on quartersawn surfaces—giving it a freckled appearance.



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