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Gemstone: Lapis lazuli

Glass: Crystal

Metal: Brass

Size: 268x268x46 mm

Type: Octet

Collection: Four Seasons

Edition: Special 


Lapis Lazuli lighters are available in this collection


You can request this elite ashtray in the Exclusive Edition variant with precious stones and metals


OCTET 226 is a high-end luxury cigar and cigarette ashtray designed with meticulous craftsmanship. It boasts an intricate design comprising 226 parts, including Lapis Lazuli gemstones, crystal glass, and brass elements. These large stone cigar unique ashtrays features 8 carriages for cigars and cigarettes, with a total of 37 Lapis Lazuli cubes and 68 crystals interwoven between 44 metal wedges. It combines elegance with functionality, making it a unique addition to your smoking experience.


The design boasts 8 removable beddings for cigars or cigarettes, each thoughtfully secured by four potent magnets. Feel the freedom to use these removable cigar holders independently, while the easily detachable deluxe ashtray bowl guarantees effortless cleaning whenever needed. Elevate your smoking ritual with this sophisticated ensemble, where every detail is a testament to refined taste and opulent craftsmanship.


Royal Blue Lapis Lazuli. Origin: Afghanistan. Lapis lazuli, the gem variety of lazurite and one of the most beautiful opaque gemstones. Known as “sapphires” by the ancients, the stone occurs in only a few major deposits around the world. The most prized lapis is a dark, nearly blackish blue, much deeper than turquoise and more intense than sodalite or azurite. Pyrite, a commonly associated mineral, is often liberally sprinkled throughout lapis specimens, to create a striking combination of rich blue and brassy gold.


One of the main directions of G.P.Grant is the production of designer items made of gemstones. The flagship line of stone jewellery ashtrays is absolutely authentic in design and unique in its functionality for cigars and cigarettes. These high-end ashtrays have no analogs in the world and are truly exclusive ashtrays. Many of these collectible ashtrays are sold at global auctions. These handmade ashtrays are strongly limited edition because they consist of tens and hundreds of parts. It takes many hours of work to create one product. These expensive ashtrays fully correspond to the materials used and the manual labor of high-quality specialists. This is truly the best cigar ashtray in the world.


€ 8.400,00Price

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